Monday, November 12, 2007

Wizard Rock?!

Now let me explain...

Actually let's just let the YouTube do the explaining!

Well there you go. Like many other people, one day I randomly came across a band called
Harry and the Potters. I later discovered that there were a whole load of other bands all over the MySpace like Draco and the Malfoys and the Hermione Crookshanks Experience. All the while I thought it was quite fun and silly, but ultimately a little too cringe-worthy to take seriously.

With the release of book 7 this summer, there were so many loose ends and unresolved questions that I thought I'd check out a few podcasts - which turned out to be great! - because they were hosted by people who'd already read the book (and indeed the entire series) many times and so could point out all the cool little details I'd missed. The result of this was that I was exposed to more of this '
wizard rock'.

When I found out that
Harry and the Potters had played to thousands of people and had released 3 albums, I began to take it a little more seriously, but it wasn't until I discovered The Whomping Willows that I realised how cool this music could be. This band seemed to mainly take the piss out of Harry Potter in a very funny way and at the same time displaying an obvious love for the books.

It was at this moment that I thought "hm... I could do this."

So I did: