Friday, January 11, 2008

Jack is...

Jack is perpetually annoyed by the fact that whenever he logs onto facebook and goes to update his status setting he can never think of anything interesting.

Having used facebook for a while now, it's quite easy to occasionally think about what you're doing in the third person, and imagine writing it as your facebook status. However, every time I happen to go on to the facebook, I think about what my current real life situation is, and usually only come up with "Jack is sitting in front of a computer." Whilst this statement may be completely true, it's also incredibly boring. And so yesterday, at around this time, as I logged out of facebook, I decided to write down my statuses throughout the proceeding 24 hours as and when I was happened to become aware of my situation in that third person way I described earlier.

This is the resulting list:

Jack is picking up his egg.
Jack is walking up and down stairs way too much.
Jack is easily swindled.
Jack is begrudgingly doing it for you, you big lazy bum.
Jack is suffering from 'counting £10 note disease".
Jack is listening to very loud music.
Jack is Kooper Trooper.
Jack is annoyed that he can't find his capo anywhere.
Jack is very late in writing a new blog entry.

So there you go, I think this was an interesting experiment, although it's yielded absolutely no solutions to the problem that prompted it (other than of course writing these things down daily to update later... but even for me, that's a bit too sad.)


Blogger The One With Many Names said...

Ha! This is awesome. Don't worry--soon enough facebook will have direct brain implants installed in every user, and all you'll have to do is think of your status in order to update it on your profile.

Terrifying, but not inconceivable, is it?


11:59 AM  

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