Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's not August.

Yes, unfortunately I have failed to keep churning out a post every month, but in all honesty, there haven't been that many big things to report, although now I think about it, quite a few little ones, (maybe even medium...).

Well I had my graduation! (surly that deserves more than a medium?) It was great fun! (although there was lots of queuing and you had to pay an excessive amount hire your robe that you'd only get to wear for a few hours) I received my certificate, and got to shake hands with our chancellor Richard Attenborough (that old guy off Jurassic Park). Admittedly, we didn't get to throw our hats in the air and cry "Huzzah!" at the end, but still, you can't have everything.

I then went to a week-long Contemporary Music Summer School in Doncaster. This involved classes led by professional composers and performers, as well as workshops and at least two concerts a day. On the way back I visited Ash and Sarah at Huddersfield, which was delightful. I played with Ash's sling-shot, beat Sarah at Chess several times, and enjoy their wonderful cuisine ("Mmmmmm, nice and crunchy Broccoli...")

The only bad thing about that northern excursion was that it began on the 21st of July. (for the uninitiated, this is the day that the last Harry Potter book was released) As I was then to spend a week at a very intensive summer school, I couldn't allow myself to get a copy of the book as I'd have ended up missing concerts, or else staying up through most of the night reading. This meant that when I got back home and could finally start (on top of the fact that I'd spent the previous month or two reading all the preceding 6 books) I was a little bit worked up about it. Once I'd finished though I was perfectly happy. And after I'd then spent a further day or two finding out all the little unexplained bits from interviews on geeky websites, I felt very happy. So if there's anyone out there who hasn't read the books, I would strongly encourage you to go out and buy the entire series - it would be a wise investment!

Other things I've been filling my time with include: a day of recordings organised with my friends at the Young Composer/Musician of Dyfed; writing many silly piano miniatures for no real reason other than for my own amusement; sampling the social life that Lampeter has to offer; and working on another little music project on my computer that I might tell you about later if it turns out ok.

Also, just as more of an overview, my plan at the moment is to live at home (back in Wales) for the year; write some music; read some books; get a job; and hopefully prepare myself for returning to uni to do a masters in composition or something like that. So far this plan has been going ok, although (as I mentioned in my last post) committing to one style and direction in music is going to take a lot of careful consideration.


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