Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's not August Supplemental.

A little extension to my last post, but in the form of things you can click on! (because lots of writing can be quite boring at times... and everyone loves to do clicks!

My graduation looked something like this (although I've no idea who's photo this is).

This is how I beat Sarah at chess in just two moves. (I know!)

Thisis a multimedia piece by opne of my tutors from the summer school. It's fro string quartet,a nd computer with video and it's just really cool!

Harry Potter geeks who enjoy podcasts can waste time via
The Leaky Couldron and Mugglenet .

And for the really hardcore Potter fans -
Click Click

And as always, you can hear little bits of jack on
the myspace! .

Hope this livens things up a bit!


Blogger The One With Many Names said...

Yes! Hedwig lives! I love it!!!

7:48 PM  

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