Sunday, December 31, 2006


Ok, I haven't written anything in ages, but, well basically I just haven't felt like writing... I still don't really... but thought I'd better had do...

But the terrible thing now is that even though there are many things I could write about, since I don't feel any great desire to relate them to you, even if I do write about them, they're inevitably going to come across as being quite boring in spite of themselves...

So that now leaves the question of what to write... ok.. erm... yea.

Ah! I got some socks for Christmas! Now I often get wonderfully imaginative socks for Christmas, which sometimes requires a certain amount of self motivation to bring myself to wearing them the first time. This year however, no such action was needed, as my terrible socks were so delightfully retro, so disgustingly kitsch, that I did not hesitate to don one the very next day. But, what kind of socks are these? I hear you now say. Quite simply put: Golf-socks.

Yes, not only do these socks have the characteristic diagonal, diamond-shape pattern, but just to affirm their identity, they indeed have displayed above the ankle, a picture of a golfer, gazing into the distance having gracefully struck his target, now frozen in the final position of his swing, encompassed by an air of satisfaction. Ok, I might have slightly embellished what is actually perceivable in the pixelated weave of the sock, but still... it's bloody good.